FBWT Logbook

Rosario – Lindeys Landing West

26W49M35387 NM3h54mins

Noch kürzer als letztes Mal geht es heute durch die Rocky Mountains. Kurz aufgrund der schwierigen Navigation durch enge Flusstäler, die teilweise mit der Catalina auf Baumwipfelhöhe überflogen werden müssen. Dazu kam noch marginales Wetter, was den VFR-Flug weiter erschwerte. Gemeinsam mit Fliegerkollegen Uli legte ich in Rosario los (1&2). Schon nach kurzer Zeit wurde das Wetter immer schlechter und die Berge immer höher (3&4&5). Die erste Schlüsselstelle war der Cascade Pass mit 5440ft, da musste sich die Catalina schon richtig strecken (6&7). Dann ging es wieder in die Ebene hinunter (8&9&10). Uli schloss zum Formationsflug auf (11), als auch noch Schneefall einsetzte auf der letzten schwierigen Etappe. Unser Endziel, der Seeley-See liegt auf immerhin 4000ft, auch hier musste die Catalina wieder klettern (12). Und trotz genauester GPS-Planung wäre es fast schief gegangen, als ich ein Tal zu spät abgebogen bin und auf einmal vor einer 6000ft hohen Wand stand. Es hat gereicht und schliesslich stand dem Anflug auf Lindeys West (13) und der Landung auf dem zugefrorenen See nichts mehr im Weg (14).

Lindeys Landing West – Babb


After changing over to MSFS this was planned as short test flight with the new boat – the Icon A5. Start in Lindeys was rather early, but the sun came up just as I left. I continued to follow the valley North to Kalispell. There I turned East to follow Route 2 and reached Lake McDonald. After the lake I entered the valley up to Logan Pass at 6,646 ft (2,026 m). My plane struggled on the last few hundred feet and I just mad it above the pass. Then it was downhill to the Upper and Lower Saint Mary Lake, where I had spotted a gas station for boats. And just as I touched down lightning and thunder roared over the mountain pass I just had been 15 mins earlier. What a flight!

Babb – Lake Newell

2849S (Vincinity)CYBP (Vincinity)141 NM1h17mins

Roaring out from the lake I turned North immeadiatly, to catch Hwy 89 (USA) respective Alberta Hwy 2 (Canada) up to Cardston. Here the Blood Indian 148 Reserve starts and I followed its eastern border along Hwy 5 overflying the Spring Valley Colony. Lethbridge Airport and City marked the end of the reserve and I turned East towards Taber Airport. At Taber the flightplan turns North along Hwy 36 right up to Lake Newell. Landing in Newell was easy, but the taxi back into the port was not. Heavy winds blew my boat south and I had to make a full 360 to reach the pier.

Lake Newell – Aquadeo

29CYBP (Vincinity)CYQW (Vincinity)206 NM2h36mins

Under an orange morning sky I fired up the Icon A5 for another trip north. Right after the start Brooks came into view, but the weather got worse. Lightning and thunder accompanied me during the first hour. And just as I admired the scenery at Dinosaur Provincial Park I was hit with ice. The speedometer went to zero and I went for a dive to warm it up. The speedo came back shortly after, but the view did not. Only after I cleared the clouds the ice slowly melted away. It took another hour until North Battleford with its many, many lakes came into view. One of them, Jakefish Lake, was my destination. And after an overflight I landed along the coast and turned into the port.