Once I had this idea I wanted to own a model of all my cars I have race online over the years. Since I restarted this hobby, some other cars have found their way into my collection as well. Most models are 1:18.

Jaguar XJR9 LM

I raced this one in 2005 when I started my online racing career in the German Road Racing League (GRRL). The simulation was still NASCAR Racing 2, the mod used was GTP. This one is in 1:24.

Porsche 996 Cup

This one was raced in my first full season in 2006 and was officially sponsored by Manner. Actually it was one of 3 liveries used: Manner Schnitten, Schokobananen and Ildefonso.


In 2008 the switch was made to GTR2 and a new championship announced. Hosting 100 drivers in 4 cups, I was proud to make runner-up at the end of the season. The highest position I ever achieved in online racing.

Ferrari 275 GTB

While racing in the M3 Cup I also competed in the Historic Endurace Championship. Racing in Class C, I had one of the most underpowered cars in the field (which consisted of Lotus Elans throughout), but sill managed the finish 3rd, which gave our team the runner-up title.

Chevy Impala SimFlight

I joined the most prestigous league in german online racing, the Deutsche Online Meisterschaft (DOM) and this is the last car I raced there. Officially sponsored by simflight.com I managed 2 runner-up titles with my team during this time. This one is a 1:24.

Ferrari 312T

This car got me back into modeling. As I am a fan of Niki Lauda, it was a natural starting point. The specialty about this is the size, its in 1:10.

Shelby GT500 “Eleanor”

Bought after the movie “Gone In 60 Seconds” it started life as a normal GT350, but has been heavily modified. New tires, mirrors and a lot of putty went into it.

Nissan 240 SX

This one I built for my dad years ago after we had an accident with the original one (sudden icy road). The car was his dream car and he only owned it for 3 months before he had to trash it. Back then I could not paint it and it sat there in pale white for 25 years. Through the restart of my hobby I want back for it and finally got it painted.