RC Model – Boats

This is a hobby i have started in sommer of 2003, when i had some nasty crashes with my model planes (3 crahshes in one week to be exact). It was a pretty hard decision which boat to buy since i didnt have any information which one is good.


My model dealer came up with the “Stinger”, an ECO class type boat from Robbe, i runs with a normal 500 speed motor and has 7 cells. Its fast (at least fast enough for me 🙂 and is capable of under water maneuvers (that is if you have secured the tesa film all around the hatch properly). Right now i have little probs with the RC, i cannot move further out then 30m from the transmitter. But that’s a flaw possibly caused by my reciever. The boat itself is cheap, easy built and after all much fun to drive, especially when there are spectators and you make a sudden “dive”.

Sea Dolphin770

My second boat will be (im waiting for delivery) a “Sea Dolphin 770” from Kyosho. More to follow…