The Story So Far

At the age of 14 I was first confronted with motorcycles at the Brno Ring in the CSFR.

They fascinated me ever since. At the time I turned 18, I passed the test for the so called A(l) drivers licence (l is for light, no more then 500cc and 2 zylinders). I often borrowed a Honda CB 500 in this time, it was fun, but I couldnt wait to get the BIG A license for the real thing.

On the 28th of august in 1995 the wait ended, I came home standing in front of my first own bike, a Yamaha FZR 500 Genesis. I drove through the whole country with it, eating many tight turns and kilometers. Then in 1998 I had to sell it, since that summer I only used it for short trips and because of this the sparkplugs died often. It broke my heart giving it away, but I didn’t have the money nor the time to hold on to her.

One morning in March 2000, my father called asking me if I still owned my suit, helmet and gloves. I stated a “yes?”, thinking my father possible wanted to go on tour with a borrowed bike or something. Can you think about it? “I have just bought a motorcycle for you, hope you like it!” I couldn’t believe it (i still can’t sometimes :-). And so I got a Kawasaki GPX 500 and the chance to ride again…

So far I had wonderful experiences of freedom, the thrill of speed and turns and thank god no accident.
If you have never been on the back of a bike, go out and try it today and you’ll understand what i’m talking