Pontiac51's Slot Race
The second race of this season was filled with reapperences and rookies. "Mondial7" was back from japan and first thing he did was driving a new track record. "Karin", our fast lady last season, also back and with her her boyfriend "HJP". "Suom" finaly stood up for race after unfilled promises last season. "Manuel" brought 2 friends to the track, "Wurz" and "Strassi". After the testing runs it was clear that only the trained drivers would be fast. The new controllers and power source made the cars like bears to drive and maintenance even more important. So the qualify order was pretty much ordered corresponding to the time spent on training. The field looked like this:
Qualify Results  
Pos. Name Nick Time (sec) Class  
1. Peter Niederwieser Mondial7 6,6953 A  
2. Hans-Jürgen Prall HJP 6,8047 B  
3. Karin Viechtbaur Karin 6,9219 C  
4. Wolfgang Peham Viking 7,0847 D  
5. Christian Schüler Knut 7,3594 A  
6. Uwe Schmid Suom 7,3594 B  
7. Robert Graf Pontiac51 7,5781 C  
8. Nathalie Viechtbaur Nathalie 7,8047 A  
9. Stefan Strassburger Strassi 8,5156 B  
10. Franz Kronlachner Wurz 8,7813 D  
11. Manuel Hausleitner Manuel 8,8359 A  
12. Markus Wolfger Maxi TB 9,1172 C  
13. Kurt Kloiber Reaper 9,7188 D  
So "Viking", "Wurz" and "Reaper" competed in Class C. Race was run as this: slowest driver chooses lane, fastest driver chooses car, then after 1 race in the same configuration the controllers are swapped, so everyone races each car on each lane. This means 4 races (3 laps long) per round. Points for each race: 10 for 1st, 6 for 2nd, 4 for 3rd, 3 for 4th, 0 for DNF.
Class D
Driver\Lane Yellow Blue Red Green pts. final
Reaper 4 6 4   14 C
Viking 10 10 10   30 A
Wurz 0 6 6   12 D
"Viking" making it clear for A, "Wurz", a rookie tough, fighting Reaper closely.
"Karin", "Pontiac51" and "Maxi TB" competed in class C.
Class C
Driver\Lane Yellow Blue Red Green pts. final
Karin 0 6 10   16 B
Pontiac51 0 10 10   20 A
Maxi TB 0 0 6   6 D
"Pontiac51" up for A, only "Karin" catching him once (she is fast!). "Maxi TB" had some bad luck, maybe the new controllers were a riddle for him.
Next class was "Suom", "HJP" and "Strassi".
Class B
Driver\Lane Yellow Blue Red Green pts. final
Suom   0 10 0 10 B
HJP   10 10 6 26 A
Strassi   4 6 0 10 C
"HJP" in front here, "Strassi" lost the tiebreaker against "Suom".
In class A there were  "Manuel", Mondial7", "Knut" and "Nathalie".
Class A
Driver\Lane Yellow Blue Red Green pts. final
Manuel 4 0 0 0 4 C
Mondial7 10 10 10 10 40 A
Knut 0 0 6 0 6 B
Nathalie 0 6 6 0 12 B
"Mondial7" back with a bang, winning everything in this round. "Nathalie" on his neck catching second place here, "Manuel" was not continuing on his form from last race.
After a break for calculation it was decided that filled classes would be more intressting and also more fair for all drivers. So the D final would see 2 drivers instead of 3 and in B there would compete 4 instead of 3 drivers. In the D final "Wurz" and "Maxi TB" settled pos. 12 und 13.
Driver\Lane Yellow Blue Red Green pts. pos.
Wurz   0 0   0 13.
Maxi TB   10 10   20 12.
"Maxi TB" finsihing off "Wurz" due the his longer racing career and therefore more practice.
On to the B-Final, in there "Strassi", "Reaper" and "Manuel". This final settled positions 9-11.
Driver\Lane Yellow Blue Red Green pts. pos.
Strassi   0 6 0 6 11.
Reaper   0 6 4 10 10.
Manuel   10 10 10 30 9.
"Manuel" woke up winning this class in exeptional style. "Reaper" satisfied with 10th. "Strassi" needs just more practice.
In the B final "Nathalie", "Knut", "Suom" and "Karin would settle positions 5-8.
Driver\Lane Yellow Blue Red Green pts. pos.
Nathalie 0 3 0 10 13 7.
Knut 0 0 4 0 4 8.
Suom 0 0 10 6 16 6.
Karin 10 10 0 6 26 5.
"Karin" in front here, her sister "Nathalie" and "Suom" not far behind. "Knut" was another example that a rookie would need more practice to win with the new equipment.
Oh yes, this was a near dream final. If "Alex" would have competed too, then this final would had held all drivers that ever won a race. But "HJP" sure was a excellent "replacement". So "Mondial7", "Pontiac51" and "Viking" had to watch their back.
Driver\Lane Yellow Blue Red Green pts. pos.
Pontica51 4 0 10 0 14 3.
Mondial7 0 6 6 0 12 4.
HJP 0 6 10 0 16 2.
Viking 10 6 10 0 26 1.
And it really was a fantastic final. "Pontiac51" with 14 pts before the final run, "Mondial7" with 12, "HJP" with 10 and "Viking" with 16. So the one winning the last run would win the race. "Viking" did it, leaving "HJP" on 2nd. "Pontiac51" and "Mondial7" finished 3rd and 4th catching no points the last run.
So the "Grand Prix Champion Trophy" was for "Viking", the "Pole Position Trophy" for "Mondial7", the "Runner Up Award" for "Pontiac51" and the "Steadiness Award" for "Wurz". The "Fastest Lady" was "Karin".
Congrats to all drivers, thank you, ladies and gentleman, for an exiting race. The Pontiac51 Raceway will be back in 3 or 4 weeks. Till then, go fast, turn left...