Tune a TYCO 440X2

It's pretty simple to tune an 400X2 body. First thing i did was to lower the body about 3mm. For this i cutted along the red line marked in the picture, so i got 2 sidewall pieces. I cutted off about 3 mm from them and glued them back in place.

Now for the roof: just cut it off, put the screens out. I cutted this piece in 2 halfs, made it even smaller and reassembled it for the roof the car has now.

The next step was to cut off the rear just where the rear tires are sitting. Nothing fancy here.

Next thing i did was find me a piece of plastic that would fit on this body or what was left about it. A box used for screws won the first price. I just glued it on. Of course before doing this the sandpaper was used often to bring the 2 pieces in shape to fit together. Then i glued back on the roof and another piece of the screw box, that made it for the rear wing.

A thing i needed to do because i lowered the body to much was to recut the front holes for the tires. Another was to put a small piece of plastic beetween the chassis and the body at the rear end to prevent the body from blocking the tires.

This pic compares the original and the tuned body, pretty cool hu?

The following 2 pics show the changes in the body from side and front.

Ready for racing!